Check 1 2 is LocalTeam Australia's newest product to hit the market. With development taking place in house and by our team of experienced programmers we have been able to bring this project to life.

What is Check 1 2?

Check 1 2 is a way for you to keep an eye on your websites stability without having to look at it. By letting Check 1 2 take care of seeing whether your website is up and running you can rest easy knowing your clients aren't stumbling in the dark to find you. With our crisp design and easy to use interface you can set and forget your website monitoring, leaving it to us to notify you if your site goes down.

Ready to give it a go? Click the power button to be taken to Check 1 2 and get ready to Check It.

During the registration process you will be given the opportunity to set several contact points giving you the flexibility to be notified directly and simultaneously alert your IT team. This means the chance of the alerts getting missed are greatly reduced and a fix can be worked on immediately by those involved.

How much will Check 1 2 cost me?

Check 1 2 is competitive in its pricing charging just $6 Australian dollars a month to monitor your website and notify you if it stops responding. Do you have more than one website you want monitored? Below you will find Check 1 2's full list of payment plans.

Should you have any questions be sure to head over to our Contact Page and get in touch with your Local Team.

Check 1 2
per month for your first website
  • Single account
  • Single Website
  • Up to 3 Webpages for the Website
  • Access to Email Alerts
  • Email Support
Check 1 2
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