The Internet of Things and Mechatronics

A combination of the words “mechanical” and “electronics,” mechatronics brings together electrical engineering, control engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering disciplines.

LocalTeam Australia combines mechatronics with the internet which ends up as mechatronics IOT being the interconnection of machines and devices to the internet connecting and utilising such things as sensors, network, communication protocols, analytics and specific software. This is a relatively new popularised concept, though engineering in mechatronics existed for more than half a century.

Nearly everyone now has or uses smart devices, industries are wiring themselves to an upgraded version of IOC and Mechatronics in order to improve processes, systems and increasing the bottom line.

The IOT wave is happening quickly and LocalTeam Australia has embraced these kind of technologies for many years now and are finding more and more companies are embracing the possibilities of this new network of things.

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